One of the cornerstones of Mod Mavens + Co is a commitment to organizations that give back. The Mavens have made a promise personally and professionally to donate pro-bono hours each year towards helping those that put compassion first. In their minds, compassion is a verb and they are taking action!

Direct HOPE

Direct HOPE's mission is to reduce homelessness in Houston, one person at time by helping people build better lives. They are a grassroots organization that started in 2015 when two women loaded up their SUVs with food, their kids and drove to a park where the homeless congregated (How cool is that? A small few can make a BIG difference!). It is run entirely by volunteers that provide food and life essentials to the homeless every Sunday. Direct HOPE was in the process of building a website with a Houston area firm, when the Mod Mavens became involved.

Tracy attended her first Sunday brunch with the goal of capturing some of the homeless one-on-one. Direct HOPE’s goal for the photography was to not only have relevant content for the website, but to humanize the individuals Direct HOPE served. Tracy has captured stunning images that truly tell their stories. The photography created awareness of the plights faced by Houston’s homeless, increased empathy, and recruited volunteers, sponsors, and donations. It also gave the web designers something truly meaningful to work with, instead of resorting to stock images.

Tracy continued to attend Sunday Brunch with her husband and five children. Before long, she was not only photographing the homeless and the volunteers, but collecting non food items, such as shoes, blankets and backpacks. Tracy and her family gathered so many donations that they filled up two trucks week-after-week. That is HOPE!

At that point, Tracy got the Mavens involved.

Jennifer was excited to get on board! She took Tracy’s images and created social media graphics for a Giving Tuesday event, designed signs for local shoe drives as well as an event invite for Direct HOPE’s 2nd annual silent auction. By using the telling photos that Tracy had collected, Jennifer was able to design pieces that truly demanded attention. Jennifer’s work was thoughtful, timely and true to each individual’s soul. The quotes and inspiring words she chose were just so right - each graphic represented the true mission of Direct HOPE!

Tracy invited Vanessa to a Direct HOPE board meeting as they requested help with social media. In just the short time she spent with them, she was able to educate the board members on ways social media could be a benefit to their organization, and not a time burden (as it was feeling to them at the time). She walked the board through ideas for each social platform (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) and they were able to set-up a scheduling plan - giving each board member a particular month to manage the accounts. Through the discussions, she was able to offer tips and to-do’s while focusing on ways to get the word out about the wonderful work they are doing and events they are hosting. At the meeting, she set-up a Direct HOPE Twitter account and helped them cultivate the space to match their branding (thanks to the Mod Mavens’ beautiful photography and graphics!). She even drafted and sent their first tweet on the spot! They walked away with more confidence, a bit of relief knowing she’d be a true social partner - helping them whenever they need her!

Fast forward a few weeks --- even though the Direct HOPE board walked away with a social media plan, certain life circumstances didn’t allow them to follow through. And … THAT’S OK! They waved the white flag and reached out to Vanessa for help. She immediately stepped in and gave the social feeds the love they needed. After just a day of engaging posts and photos, their Instagram following doubled and continues to grow. In addition, with strategic  and consistent content, their Facebook and Twitter accounts are now running on all cylinders.

The Mod Mavens are honored to be part of Direct HOPE’s vision. They have enjoyed donating their time, skills, and energy to create a true brand voice through images, designs, and communication. The Mavens are thrilled to be part of the journey, look forward to seeing this organization flourish, and will continue to develop new ways to spread HOPE!