Website Photography With Personality

Recently, we worked with Lindsay English to develop her Pilates business. It was such a treat! Tracy, our MAVEN of Images, truly captured Lindsay's strength, teaching expertise + passion through her website photos. Aren't they gorgeous?!

With a combination of 'Not So Headshot, Headshots' + client demonstration pictures, you get a true sense of the SCULPT Pilates studio experience. Jennifer, our MAVEN of Brand Identity + Design, was able to create a simply stunning website. We are in LOVE.

With so many Pilates studios, in The Woodlands, it was our job to showcase what makes SCULPT Pilates so different, so unique. It is truly a personalized approach to fitness and promotes a true connection with body + mind. Lindsay is perfectly set-up to provide each of her clients with a tailored plan to their health + fitness.

As you develop your own small business website it's important to think about how to best showcase your business personality + your business in action. Your potential clients visit your site to receive an introduction. Image first impressions are key!

The MAVENS are here to help! Let's chat website photos, at